Actor, director, singer, composer.

Phonenumber, cellphone, textmessenges: +4670-569 88 00
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Stats/General information:
Name: Utas
Age range: 50 to 70
Type: Scandinavian, northern Europe
Vocal: Barryton – tenor
Height: 5.10
Hair: Brown/grey
Eyes: Hazel
Size: 10, XL
Shoes: 11 1/2
Current projects: Freelancing. I have my own company
Driving licence: All types of vehicles

Working professionally in film, Television and broadcasting, theatre, variety and music, in all
forms of classical and modern parts including both principal and singing ones.
Have worked at Kungliga Operan, Drottningholmsteatern, Södra Teatern, Gröna Lundsteatern, Stockholms Parkteater, Pistolteatern, Lilla Teatern i Helsingfors and Gotlands Teater.
Have also worked with theatre for radio with a.o. Staffan Olzon in the very first radioproducton in stereo in Sweden.
Produced and performed in Barshows on Mosebacke in Stockholm, including writing
the script and the music, catering and serving the show.
Plus performing in productions within UTAS TEATER, my personal company.
For current information please check:

Jordskott, SVT/Palladium Fiction, drama. (Jeppe) 2014.
Partaj, TV5/Baluba, comedy, (Wall Enberg) 2013.
Jonson & Pipen, TV4/Nordisk Film TV Produktion AB, (Jean) 2012.
Generationsskifte, Tussilago/Intermezzon AB, (The Father) 2012.
Booktrailer, 2 Soldiers, Spitting Lady Production, (Policedetective) 2012.
Den sista dokusåpan, trailer, TV6/MTG, 2011.
Reya, långfilm, Nebula Production/Eunoch & Son Film, (The Boss) 2011.
Arne Dahl, SVT/Filmlance, (Taxidriver) 2011.
King of the Castle, pilot, Nebula Production, (Berra) 2010.
Commercials for FELIX, TV4 and others. Director: Måns Herngren, (Granny) 2010.
Lyx-fällan, TV3/Palladium. Programtrailer, (Tough guy) 2009.
Välkommen åter, TV4/Jarowskij. Comedy, (Doctor) 2009.
Nedgång och fall, Absurditeter Film, (Charlie, leading character) 2009.
Zombie Virus, Easthammer Entertainment. (Agent boss) 2009.
Oskyldigt dömd, TV4/Filmlance, (Jan Mortén) 2008.
Krux, Arnfast Film, (Olsen, danish gangsterboss) 2008.
Hjälp! TV4/Jarowskij. Comedy, (Chief doctor) 2007.
Kungamordet, SVT/ Bob Film. (Politician) 2007.
Sjukhuset, TV3/Palladium. Sponsorcommercial, (Head doctor) 2007.
Höök, SVT/Bob Film. (Rolandsson) 2006.
Beck, Advokaten, TV4/FilmLance, (Gunvalds lawyer) 2006.
Hus i helvete, TV3/Baluba. Hidden camera comedy, (12 different parts) 2006.
Utbildningsfilm, Andreas Ibohm Produktion/Arb.miljöinst, (Leading ch.) 2006.
Sömnen, Svensk Filmindustri, Ulf Lundell. (Greger, karatepro) 1984.
Repmånad, Svensk Filmindustri, Lasse Åberg. (Conchie) 1979.
Engelen, TV2, Allan Edvall/Lars Forsberg, (Band singer) 1977.
Känner du nån som är farlig? TV2, Lars Kranz. (Leading ch.) 1976.
Mahagonny, TV2, Brecht/Kurt Weil. (Fatty, lawyer) 1975.
Lysistrate, TV2, Aristofanes. (Choire leader and composer) 1974.

Always on tour in Norden with UTAS TEATER, please check:
Ivanov, Anton Tjechov. Reading on Stockholm Culture Festival 2009.
Sol-Lisa, Annabelle Rice, Skansen, Stockholm 2007, 2008 and 2009.
(The Storyteller Time, Priest and king Gustav III.)
Marknadsafton, Vilhelm Moberg, UTAS TEATER 2005 and 2006.
(Idea, script, directing, scenography and poster.)
Fröken Julie, August Strindberg, UTAS TEATER/Teater3, 2005.
(Idea, script, directing, scenography, poster and the character of Jean.)
Änkeman Jarl, Vilhelm Moberg, UTAS TEATER 2003 and 2004.
(Script, directing, poster and the character of Olsson, photographer.)

Upper secondary (natural science), University degree (majoring in law).
Studied at Bernard Krooks theatre school 1969 – 1972.
An array of seminars, classes and courses in drama, vocal production, gymnastics,
fencing and martial arts. Dancing classical, jazz and folkdance.
The best education though has been learning by doing. From being lead singer in a
rockband, working at a circus and working professionally over many years as a
technichian, assistant director, actor, director, dramaturg, singer, composer, the speaker at auctions, a driver of all kinds of vehicles, a farmaceutical and a farmer.

Experience in improvisation, stage, on camera, physical theatre as a gymnasist, fencing and horsebackriding, hypnotisation and studiowork.
Guitar, harmonica, rhythmical instruments, comb and the violin.
Swedish, English and German as well as various accents in Swedish on demand. Good pronounciation in French and Finlandic, Norwegian and Danish.
Moreover I learn quickly. For example I learnt how to play golf, practise karate and using a japanese stringbow for various filmparts.
I have pleasant, open and charming ways and warm smile across my entire face. This in combination with plenty of lifeexperience and a natural poise usually makes people in all ages trust in me and respect me..